HOPE welfare foundation and SAAYA association of persons with disabilities in collaboration with CBID NETWORK organized an awareness session on disability. Program was held at a village Jatra Mirpur AJK, where approximately 100 persons particularly Women with and without disabilities, parents of persons with disabilities participated.

The program was started with the recitation of Holy Quran and Naat. Afterward Miss Anum gave brief introduction of HOPE welfare foundation. Madam Fehmida (CEO HOPE welfare foundation) introduced guests from SAAYA association of persons with disabilities to the participants.

Miss Saima Aslam Director Project SAAYA association gave SAAYA’s introduction and her role in SAAYA and disability field. She defined disability and its types and causes. She also explained how to manage routine tasks having disability in your life and how to cope with barriers and discrimination of society. Most of the persons with disabilities were having muscular dystrophy. Due to Muscular Dystrophy they were in a deep depression and isolation. They did not have any awareness how to manage their life.

Miss Uzma Aslam is also with a muscular dystrophy, so she took counseling session with them and enlightened the participants about how could a person having muscular dystrophy can manage his or her life. After taking this session participants became aware and gained confidence about their personality and life management with disability.

After enchanting sessions parents of persons with disabilities took counseling sessions with resource persons. They learned and get training of how to tackle the tasks with their children with disabilities. They also learned how to deal their children’s daily problems and barriers. At the end lunch was served and enjoyed by all participants in light and friendly atmosphere.