McDonald's, Saaya Association, HANDS and Pakistan Sports Council of Persons with Disabilities jointly organized an event for Women with & without disabilities along with the general public to Celebrate International Women Day 2022 with the Theme “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow”.

This activity was specifically designed to provide an opportunity to our Women Especially Women with Disabilities to show their strength and unity & express their feelings by experience sharing. The day was full of happenings with some pretty amazing stories and necessary exposure especially to our women with Disabilities who've been stuck up in their houses due to lack of opportunities, Hence refining their understanding on disability and equal opportunities. It is indeed, very much essential to develop such outdoor activities and programs more often that helps in encouraging and enhancing the urge to participate in public speaking, altering the traditional way of indoor seminars and trainings. 

We would really like to appreciate all the support of McDonald's in successfully undertaking this unique activity facilitating our Women with Disabilities to face the real society with courage and bravery.