Saaya Association has organised community based inclusive training workshop through independent living strategy from 1st to 3rd Feb, 2012 in Karachi in Collaboration with Disabled welfare Association and Asha supported by Sight-savers International. The 50 persons with disabilities from different DPO’s of Sindh participated actively.

On a very first day of workshop topics which were covered based on basic information like, about disability, Impairment and its types, the participants are also learnt about the individual issues of persons with disabilities and especially the response of society towards the person with disabilities. These topics meant to educate participants about the disabilities exist in our society, including the severity of the disabilities in order to create awareness and acceptance among our society for persons with disabilities to survive as an honorable individual without any dependence upon others as well as eliminate the factor of sympathetic attitude in society for person with disability., because the responses of the society towards the person with disability having strong influence, and CBID aimed to eliminate all these issues, and negative responses of the general mass and to provide a board insight about independent living among Persons with Disabilities just a non-disable person.

Acknowledged people about Polio, Spinal cord, visually impaired, Hearing impaired, Muscular Dystrophy, Mental Retardation and CP. The main purpose was to create awareness on comprehensive level about the issues that a Person with Disabilities has to face in their daily life activities, (education, accessibility, discrimination in the families lack of assistive devices, lack of knowledge regarding disability) that they can survive as an independent human beings. For the independent living, outreach activities are also very important for this purpose participant were oriented that how to travel, visit to shopping malls etc.

In next two days sessions participants learnt how we can negotiate with the persons with disabilities which is one of the important element. So, it was the part of this workshop for the purpose to aware participants that how families and non-disabled people can effectively negotiate with person with disabilities through peer-counseling, group-counseling and positive attitude at the same time negotiation with the families of person with disabilities to expose them to the achievements in the form of role model of independent individual well as to convince them on the benefits of the independent living program. Literate the participants about the independent living program its activities, benefits and what one can avail from it being a part of Independent Living Program like, skills for daily chores, attendant service, shifting skills and self confidence. Aware them that the independent living program actually means participating in community life, pursuing activities of your own choosing and taking responsibility for your own actions. Educate them how to make friends, to use assistive devices (wheel chair, white cane like pushing and shifting the wheel chair and how to use attendant service, self management (cooking cloth changing, toileting, shifting skills how to do shopping for the exposure in society

just as an non-disabled person, in the end participants has shared their views and said we learnt a lot from this training, from now we can contribute in better way to our DPO and especially for disability movement. The closing ceremony was held in DWA office on 3rd Feb, 2012. The adviser of chief minister of Sindh and Director General of Special Education was the chief guest of the closing ceremony; they said we are the thanked full of Chef International for organizing such an innovative training program for the DPO’s of Sindh, shield and certificate ware awarded by the chief guest.