Hum Qadam is a new initiative by Telenor Pakistan to contribute towards the better Pakistan. This initiative is working nation-wide, creating a sense of harmony and responsibility to pay our part for the country. This is helping Telenor and in turn Pakistan, to create a community full of skilled persons that may result in the better life standard and something for the country as well. All permanent employees in Telenor Pakistan have to spend at least 20 paid working hours per year working with community engagement projects with partner organizations/NGOs in any of the following areas of interest: • Education • Disability • Emergency Response/disaster preparedness/relief Saaya Association has organized Disability awareness training program from 21-22 Dec, 2011. The 5TH group of Telenor employs from HR department including Vice President of Telenor participated in Hum Qadam activity as they decided to go with Disability organizations. Saaya is one of partner organization with TP on Hum Qadam project. Saaya Association also distributed wheelchairs among the needy PWDs, with the support of Telenor.