Saaya, Association of People with disabilities is a non-profit and cross disability association which supports people with disabilities (PWDs), enabling them to realize their full potential through new opportunities, personal choice, and community involvement. The association is working for improving the ultimate status with dignity of people with disabilities.

Pakistan has been affected by the worst floods in decades – Millions of homes in thousands of villages and towns have been destroyed. According to reports, over 20 Million people have been affected by this disaster, according to WHO the 10% population is disabled of Pakistan so u can understand that how many persons with disabilities of 20 million people are facing same problems but unfortunately those persons with disabilities are ignored by our media and other organization in affected areas,

SAAYA ASSOCIATION has taken initiative to help those persons with disabilities and their families. Saaya has distributed packets that comprised on Milk, Water, Cooking Oil, Rice, Tea, Dry Foods, Sugar and especially Wheel Chairs among the Persons with disabilities in first phase on 20th August, 2010 in Nowshera.

There are many organizations, NGOs, civil society, government, media and Pakistan army are working for the flood victims, but no one is realizing about the disabled persons and disability issues.