Four Weeks (16 April-17 May 2018) Disability Awareness & Independent living Training Program For New Women with Disabilities.

Independent Living means controlling and directing your own life. It means taking risks and being allowed to succeed and fail on your own terms. It means participating in community life and pursuing activities of your own choosing. Independent Living is knowing what choices are available, selecting what is right for you and taking responsibility for your own actions.

For people with disabilities affecting their ability to make complicated decisions or pursue complex activities, independent living means being as self-sufficient as possible. It means being able to exercise the greatest degree of choice in where you live, with whom you live, how to live, where you work, with whom you work and how to use your time.

Saaya association conducted four weeks Independent living training program for new women with disabilities at Saaya office. The main purpose of this IL training was to empower and strengthen the women / girls with disabilities who are confined in their homes due to lack of awareness regarding their disabilities. Most of the women with disabilities are not independent because of lack of opportunities, they are stuck at home and their talent is destroying because of Physiological pressure. Their family feel them burden so they are discriminated by the family and by society.

Through this independent living training program, the women with disabilities well-informed about the understanding of disability that exist in our society and acceptance among our society for persons with disabilities to survive as an honorable individual without any dependence upon others as well as to eliminate the factor of sympathetic attitude in Society for women with disabilities. The independent living training program bestow them the real concept of disability. They informed about their rights and get off from the fear of disability, their self-care level Increases and they feels them confident encouraged & empowered women with disabilities through the different sessions. Understanding of disabilities, Group counseling, Peer counseling, Group discussions and outreach were the contents of IL program.