Saaya association has organized various IL training program for PWDs with the support of Sightsavers International.

Independent Living training covers basic necessities awareness.

Like, use of wheelchair , white can and use of mobile for deaf persons, toileting, shoe wearing, cloth changing, cooking, health management, budgeting, arranging transportation, education, barriers identification, shopping, employment possibilities, advocacy and shifting skills.

Saaya Independent Living Center provided a set of core services which r based on these basic necessities. The scope of services is directed by individual and community needs. Saaya association also providing Peer Counseling which is provided between two or more individuals with disabilities, to share ideas and experiences about living with a disability, in order to gain greater awareness and control over one’s own life.

Other services that are often provided include:

• Housing assistance ( Make houses accessible of disable persons)

• Acquiring and maintaining appropriate benefits and entitlements

• Architectural and communication barrier consultation

• Personal counseling that is non-clinical and short term in nature to address individual goals

• Securing, learning how to use, repair, and maintain equipment

• Assistance in registering to vote

• In-service training, workshops/seminars on disability issues, disability laws and Independent Living philosophy

• Disability awareness training

Basic purpose behind independent living training is that no doubt assistive devices are very important but the thing which able people to live independently be to know how to face all the obstacles of disability and solve them by determination and courage.