Mr.Junaid is a disabled person, by birth. His sister is also disabled. They live in a small village in District Kahuta, near Rawalpindi.

Mr.Junaid, despite being a handicapped person, happens to be a person with a high level of self-esteem and courage. Instead of becoming a permanent beggar, he established a small karyana shop in his village 6 months back. Due to financial limitations, he could not buy many necessary items for his shop. He had requested SAAYA Association for financial help so that he could buy the much needed merchandise for his small store.

SAAYA Association decided to provide the needed merchandise to him at his doorstep. The stuff including rice, sugar, pulses, soaps, shampoos, biscuits, toffees, milk cartons, tea, etc. were procured from the wholesale market in Rwp. Today Brother Asim Zafar (SAAYA President) and I visited Mr.Junaid’s shop in his village and took the merchandise with us.

This small shop, which you see in the photos, has been rented at Rs.600/- per month. Mr.Junaid is carried to the shop from his home on a wheelchair daily in the morning. There he lies on a charpoi whole day long. The customers come and ask for items. Junaid tells them to pick up the items by themselves and drop the amount in his money box. Due to very limited stock, the shop gave an empty and deserted look. We hope that the situation will improve now.

We pray that may Allah Taala shower His ‘barkat’ upon this small village karyana shop. May it develop and prosper at a rapid pace. May Allah make life easy for Bhai Junaid and his handicapped sister. Aameen.

SAAYA Association wishes to thank its worthy donors and volunteers for their support. A special word of thanks for our volunteer Mr.Zahid Mughal who took the trouble of going all the way to Narankari Bazar, Rwp. and procured the merchandise.