The private member bill seeking amendments to Articles 50 and 59 of the Constitution for giving representation to the “disabled persons” in the National Assembly and the Senate had been moved by MNA Kishwar Zehra earlier. The bill suggests that there should be four reserved seats for the “disabled persons” — one from each province — both in the National Assembly and the senate and that is approved.

The sensitization meeting was held on 08 August, 2012 at Margala Hotel Islamabad with Parliamentarians top leadership regarding the implementation of UN-CRPD in Pakistan. Dr. Farooq Sattar MNA, Syed Haider Abbas Rizvi MNA,Mr. Waseem Akhtar, Senator Raza Haroon and Mr. Asim Zafar  attended the meeting.

Mr. Asim Zafar thanked to the Parliamentarians on behalf of National Coordinator (Dr. Shahnawaz) and Mr. Ghulam nabi Nizamani (International Coordinator) of CBID Network and Network Members as well for the enormous achievement. During the meeting Mr. Asim also introduced the CBID Network to the Dr. Farooq Sattar, he said this is the first largest and leading network of Pakistan, many INGO’s NGO’s and DPO’s are part of this network. This network purely promoting and working for the community based inclusive development in Pakistan.

Mr. Asim also emphasized to the Parliamentarians, they should take initiative and move bill in the parliament for the implementation of UN-CRPD. He said that there is not any ministry/department after the eighteen amendments at federal level so how we can carry those issues of persons with disabilities like UN-CRPD on federal level. Mr. Farooq Sattar realized and said it’s my promise with you that we will work on it with your Network support.