Workshop for Manual & Electric wheelchairs maintenance, three wheel motorbike.

Up to 80% of persons with disability live in isolated rural areas in the developing world including Pakistan. WHO, WB and UN also estimates suggests 15% disability rate in developing countries including Pakistan. According to national census 1998, the population with disability is 3,286,630 (which are 2.49 %) of the total population in Pakistan. After the base line survey it has come to know that in the area of Islamabad and Rawalpindi persons with disabilities do not have access over resources, education, adequate health facilities, no access to assistive devices regarding their mobility, and less participation in society and income generating activities.

So Saaya has started Independent living center and Workshop for Manual & Electric wheelchairs maintenance, three wheel motorbike. Saaya Association has received used electric wheelchairs as a donation from Japan for persons with severe with disabilities. Saaya also distributed thousands of wheelchairs among the deserving person with disabilities to increase their mobility. But other biggest challenge is maintenance/repair of those electric and manual wheelchairs. Because in Pakistan wheelchairs manufacturing by medical manufactures or suppliers, there is no facility for maintenance of wheelchairs. This workshop/independent living center is running by persons with disability.


To increase the mobility of persons with disability.

To make them able to live an independent life.

To mobilized persons with disability in the social activities.

To increase the awareness rising of persons with disability through training and counselling session.

To provide independent living training to persons with disabilities

To provide attendant service to severely person with disabilities

To provide maintenance facility for wheelchairs/ modified motorbike and car