Saaya Association(Organization of Disabled Persons) is registered and cross disability association, which supports people with disabilities (PWDs), enabling them to realize their full potential through new opportunities, personal choice, and community involvement. The association is working for improving the ultimate status with dignity of people with disabilities. Saaya is focused on Independent Living, Inclusive education, Barrier Free & Right-Based society and access to Justice.

One of our objectives is to bring these people out of isolation so that they become an active member of the society. To achieve this objective Saaya started a chain of Independent living training that includes person with disabilities, women, children, parents,Students and community to sensitize them about the basic concept of disability.

Saaya Center for Independent living center conducted Monthly Awareness Session on understanding of Disability at Saaya Office Islamabad on 26th September 2018 with the support of Hands Pakistan under the umbrella of CBID Network.

There were round about 15 participants, Persons with disabilities, women with disabilities and Parents attend the training. 

The training was started by the recitation of few verses of HOLY QURAN by Mr. Ansar Bangash (Coordinator Spinal cord Injury Saaya).

After that Ms. Saima Aslam(Program Manager Women with disabilities Saaya) introduced everyone and briefed the participants about the main objectives and importance of this training. Most of the participants in this training were people who had never been to any training.  Participants include newly Persons with Disabilities, women with disabilities & Parents.She gave the brief Introduction of Saaya independent living center. She said that Saaya association focus on independent living of person with disabilities and conduct these types of sessions for new person with disabilities and local community. Through this the person with disabilities got motivation and empowerment when they saw other person with disabilities who are contributing and serving in society and living with dignity in humanity. It was an inclusive training session where women and men both participated and shared their experiences and was comprised of different sessions.

Next was Ms. Ayesha Sajid(Admin Officer Saaya) who explains the definition of Disability. She discussed how the life of person with disabilities changes with the passage of time. She added, whatever disability you have it never stops you from socializing. She described role of Person with disabilities in development sector, what their current situation is and how   these Persons can overcome hurdles and barriers in their lives. She explains comprehensively the different kinds of Disabilities such as Physical,Intellectual, Learning, Hearing and Visually Impairment and also explain their causes and differences. She highlighted the need to educate every person of society about disability.

Mr. Kamran Khan (Project Manager Accessible Audit Saaya) briefly explained his personal experience with disability. He is himself Polio victim so he highlighted the causes,possessions and safety measure of this disability. He said that Pakistan accounted for 86% of the global wild polio virus (WPV) case count in 2014.Pakistan is the only country to have reported a dramatic increase in cases during the year 2013. In 2014, polio affected forty-four districts (23 in 2013)from three provinces/areas. Now for current situation of Polio in Pakistan only 6 cases found in different cities in which Punjab counted Polio free.

After that Mr. Muhammad Tahir Javed (Sectary Finance) having disability Muscular Dystrophy shares his experience with participants. He briefly described the individual and social issues faced by person with disabilities. He shared his own life experienced,how he spent his life and what problems, issues he faced by society and family.He overcome all the issues and managed his life so well that today he is a role model for other person with disabilities.

All the participants get motivated and feel themselves more empowered to listen each facilitators. The concept and understanding regarding disabilities in their mind have been cleared.

The session was ended by Ms. Saima with the special thanks to all participants. Refreshments were to all.