Saaya association successfully distributed two hundred wheelchairs among the needy and deserving Persons with Disabilities on various occasions with the support of community and Sightsavers International.

Reportedly, there are several million disabled children and adults in Pakistan in need of wheelchairs. Many have been immobilized for decades. Their condition not only has a devastating impact on their lives but also the lives of their families transporting and caring for a disabled person is a demanding challenge for any family. However, in Pakistan, with many families living in poverty, the challenges can be much, much greater. Keeping in view the situation Saaya Association had the contribution among the disabled people, distributed wheelchair. Additionally Sayya association also educated the beneficiaries’ instructions on how to operate the wheelchairs, wheelchair ergonomics and safety instruction for public transportation. The past few months have been an exhausting yet eye opening experience. We were blessed to have met many incredible individuals during the mission whose optimism only served strengthened our resolve to broaden the locales of areas we wish to help with free wheelchair distributions. Wheelchair can make a difference in the life of a disabled person and provide him or her with the gift of mobility and a better quality of life.

There are many wonderful stories as to how a wheelchair can positively impact a recipient’s life. However, one very simple example was recently provided by six family members who were crawling. Their parents are very poor. Now that they had a wheelchair.