Saaya Association has been contributing towards providing individuals with disabilities with the means to live a moderately independent life for the last many years.

Many have contributed towards helping Saaya achieve their goal, including HANDS Pakistan and AAA Associates. HANDS has been supporting the Saaya to assist Persons with Disability in achieving greater independence by providing services and activities. These activities have contributed to teach daily life skills to the Persons with Disability as well as promoting the understanding of the public regarding Persons with Disa. Persons with Disability usually find it difficult to accept their disabilities. As they are unable to accept, they are also unable to get the necessary help or training to help them become independent. As a result, they are not able to become active members of society. Saaya intends on bringing Persons with Disability out of their solace and misery and into mainstream life so that they can play a role in the progress of society. Saaya aims to build the confidence of Persons with Disability and their families.

The Saaya team wants to express special gratitude for the personal involvement and interest of HANDS Pakistan and AAA Associates to include Persons with Disability as active member in society. In addition, with the moral and financial support by HANDS Pakistan and AAA Associates, the financial burden has decreased and as the financial stress has been relieved, the team of Saaya has experienced a friendly and progressive environment.