Saaya Association has started computer lab and resource center for Persons with Disabilities in Saaya office Islamabad. This project seeks to build capacities of persons with disabilities and persons with VI in its advocacy work and promote their independent living. Establishment of an information technology resource center will help trained persons with VI in use of IT and livelihood options.

Overall goal:

To promote disability as a development agenda

To facilitate the visually impaired persons studying from matric to Master`s level.

This lab will fulfill the needs of people from different spheres of life.

With getting the basic training of how to use computer the visually impaired persons will find new ways to learn and get more computer skills as it is available for the non-disabled persons.

It will open new paths for the visually impaired as they lack the opportunities to learn the computer skills.

It will help visually impaired to get more job opportunities.

Internet will open new ways for the visually impaired persons to gain more knowledge and information.

It will provide them with an opportunity to study in-depth.

Computer Courses:

Saaya Association is providing two weeks computer skills course with JAWS to make visually impaired persons familiar with computer JAWS and students will be provided with advanced computer skills course. Also along with that recording of curricular books will also be carried out to facilitate the students of Metric to Master’s level. In these early months we will establish links with deferent educational institutions so that the disabled students there especially the visually impaired students studying in those institutions can be facilitated.

Independent Living Training:

The training of Independent living is providing to the people with disabilities and people with VI during the computer classes once in a week. In that IL training people with VI can learn how they can live independently in the community. Saaya is also providing white cane and brail board to all the students during the IL training.

Performance Indicators:

After three year of implementing the Independent Living Training and Information Technology Resource Center Persons with disabilities and persons with VI of Islamabad & Rawalpindi will be an agent of change, role model and source of inspiration for the other PWDs. This skill development center will open new ways for the visually impaired persons to make the name as useful members of the society and it will be a step towards an inclusive & barrier free society. As this lab will be an innovative and new concept for the Persons with VI so it will help to change and facilitate their lives.