Saaya has organized Seminar on disability “Make the Right Real” on 28th December, 2010 at COMSATS INSTITUTE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, CHAKSHAHZAD. The main purpose of the seminar was to provide students with maximum awareness about the Disability issues and persons with disabilities.

Ms. Sumera Tabbassum said that disability is nothing but only the society made a person disable and she also shared her personal experiences.

Mr. Umer Jafari also encouraged to all the students. He explained the steps that can be taken by Media for the Disability Movement in Pakistan. He also said that our youth can play a positive role for the changing of sympathetic attitude towards the persons with disabilities

Mr. Atif Khursheed shared his personal experience with the audience. He said that we must not show our patience to the persons with disabilities. He said that the persons with disabilities do not need our patience, they need our empathy.

Mr. Muhammad Asad discussed the role of students in the provision of inclusive education of persons with disabilities. He said that all the students must assure there good attitudes to the persons with disabilities. He said that they must organize different disability awareness campaigns on university level. At the end of his speech, He highlighted the importance of attendant service.

Mr. Asim Zafar president of Saaya Association welcomed the Students. He said “we are here with new courage”. He introduced Saaya Association, also told the history of Saaya Association, he said that it is the name of the movement and courage, a name of thought, where persons with disabilities can finds the solutions of their problems, we believe in working and then making progress. He discussed the accessibility issues of Persons with disabilities. He asked the students to join the free attendant trainings offered by Saaya Association. He said, we want to get education, not in special education but in other institutions because we are the part of this society. Mobility is the basic problem of disabled, they are kept their homes unwillingly and even they expired. If any person is user of wheelchair and he doesn’t have wheel chair, so ever he can’t get education, job and also can’t involve him in social activities and creativity. He further explained that if we build only a wall and do not construct the stairs, then non-disable people will also not be able to go upstairs because they can not climb it. There fore, it is necessary that the system must be changed according the need of Disabled persons. Then the disabled persons could be continued their routine work without any difficulty and in happy mood.

The Management of the university promised that they will abolish the accessibility issues for the disabled persons in their university.