2 Days IL Training (6th & 7th January 2017) Organised by Disabled Welfare Association (DWA) Karachi & Conducted by Saaya Association of Person with Disabilities.

The main purpose of this training is to provide & transfer complete knowledge & skills to Person with Disabilities which enable them to make there life ease & Comfortable. Some of the Participants were newly comers so they don’t know about their own Disabilities aswel.

1st Day of this training Contains the Topic of Disability, Understanding of Disability, Kinds of Disabilities, Barriers (Social, Attitudinal, Structural. Educational), Different perceptions of People without Disabilities regarding Disability, Acceptance of Disability & Independent Living. We had two new women with Disabilities Maryam Asif & Madiha. Maryam have their parents & Madiha with her Husband. This training brings lots of knowledge regarding Disability &  promote both of them to work with DWA & strengthen the National Forum of Women with Disability.

2nd Day of this training Contains the topics of DPO’s related Items: how to strengthen our DOP’s? What is DOP? how they work? Management related topics, what is the role of IL in DPO’s?