Saaya Association Islamabad organized wheelchairs distribution ceremony under the umbrella of Community Based Inclusive Development (CBID) Network Pakistan. The ceremony was attended by persons with disabilities, parents and local community.

Since the establishment of Saaya Association Islamabad in 2009, a tradition of help has been followed by distribution of wheelchairs in Holy month of Ramadan. We are thankful to Allah Almighty for providing us the opportunity to help of those in needs, as much as we can do within our capacity. The Saaya association Islamabad has been able to distribute hundred manual and electric wheelchairs and Eid suits to people from abbotabad, Pishawar, Kahuta, Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Approximately one hundred and fifty people participated in the event in which women with disabilities were more in number.

The session was started with the recitation by Kamran khan and forewords from the CEO of the Saaya Association Mr. Asim Zafar. He gave an introduction about the network; acknowledge the efforts of his team, volunteers and honorable guests. Saaya association paid special tribute to adored and dedicated team member Faisal Nadeem (Late) at this event and everyone made special prayers and offered Fatiha at the start of event. Mr. Asim Zafar told that Saaya Association wants to contribute in improving the social-economic, cultural condition of people with disabilities; such initiatives are only small step towards achieving the goal of equality and right based society.

Mr. Zafar Imtiaz Brig. (R) were one of the respectable guests, he has appreciated the work of the Saaya Association team. He mentioned that he feels very humble to be part of this organization since the foundation and playing his part in doing any good he can.

Mr. Asim Zafar has paid a special thanks to the honorable guests and dedicated people who has gone beyond their capacity to make this event a successful one by collecting wheelchairs and Eid suits.

The society needs to help people around specially disabled people who are the marginalized community of the society and living a life of misery.  The event was ended with the special thanks to the honorable guests and the organizers. Iftar was served to all the people who have attended this event.