Saaya Association Islamabad has organized wheelchairs distribution ceremony supported by Dar-ul-Sakoon Karachi and disability awareness seminar in collaboration with MusahibKahil Youth wing at Multan Khurd Tehsil Talagung District Chakwal, under the umbrella of Community Based Inclusive Development (CBID) Network Pakistan. The ceremony coupled with awareness seminar was attended bypersons with disabilities, parents, teachers and local community.

Every year since 2009 from the platform of Saaya Association Islamabad, wheel chairs are being distributed through a special campaign in Holy month of Ramadan. This year too following the tradition we have started our program, aiming especially rural areas of the country this time.

Multan Khurd Tehsil Talagung District Chakwal is 200 km from the capital city Islamabad. It is very under developed area; people are illiterate, unaware and lack to have basic means of life. The session was started with the recitation from the Holy Quran and few community people expressed their concerns and experiences with the audience regarding people with disabilities.

Asim Zafar from Saaya Association has briefed the people about the association. He told that Saaya Association wants to contribute in improving the social-economic, cultural condition of people with disabilities; such initiatives are only small step towards achieving the goal of equality and right based society. For permanent change we need to think out of the box and need to ignite awareness campaign for changing lives for good.

The distribution of twenty five (15) wheelchairs at Multan Khurd Tehsil Talagung District Chakwal resulted in great stories being told of new lives ahead because of the wheelchairs. The story does not end here, more work has to carry on in the perspective.